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Don't let a third world bureaucracy ruin your day. That is why we exist!

 Houses Rental Management

Can your house generate income? Many homes in the region makes excellent vacation rental properties to tourists. In most cases, the income genrated from renting will offset all your expenes and in some cases, genrate net profits. This is one of our areas of expertise, with over 8 years of knowledge and experience.

Our team will manage the cleaning of your home pre and post rental, check ins and check outs of clinets, booking, contracts, payments, marketing and any other services asssociated with making your home a successful vacation rental property.

 Houses Online Marketing Management

Whether we are managing your property as a vacation rental or you do it on your own, we are also specialists in online internet marketing and account management. We have special relationships with the top websites such as Flipkey, TripAdvisor, VRBO and the local CARIBE SUR Rentals. Our state of the art management software is capable of updating all your online accounts from one central location so that your listing and calendars are always up to date on all sites.

 Houses Certifications

No longer do you need to travel up to Limon or to the National Registry to obtain a certified plano or a certified Personeria Juridica. No longer do you have to ask your attorney for an expensive document - and have to wait several days to get it. Our offices have online accounts with the registry - and we can obtain these certifications for you within minutes.

Houses Taxes

Tired of paying taxes? Or don't know how or where? Don't worry! Our staff has been trained to work directly with the local municipality. We will pay your annual property taxes. We can also take care of your MINAET taxes, Luxury Property taxes and now the new annual corporate tax.

Houses Utilities

Forgot to pay your electric bill? You are sometimes out of town, sometimes don't want to worry about the next bill? We can take care of paying all your utilities. If we miss a payment, it's on us! Our staff can pay your electric, telephone, internet, cable TV, water, etc

Houses Payroll Management

Confused with labor laws? Has the bureaucracy of the CAJA gotten you confused? Our staff can manage your planilla, pay your employees, calculate and process liquidations and retentions, alguinaldos, etc - so that you don't have to worry if you're doing it right or not. We will!

Houses Housecleaning & Gardening

Having trouble finding the right house cleaner or gardener? We have a select team of trained professional housecleaning and gardeners that can come to your property on a regular basis and do the job that you desire! We supply the materials and staff. All our staff are trained, legal to work, fully declared and insured.

Houses Special Property Services

Need your septic tank cleaned? Your roof or sidewalks pressure cleaned? Your rain gutters serviced? Some basic plumbing or electrical work? perhaps just a ceiling fan installation? Just let us know - our staff can do most of these tasks for you.

Houses Home Insurance Policies

We have a close relationship with our INS Insurance Agents and can help you through the bureaucratic maze of paperwork to get your property insured.

Houses Clear Accounting

We've been in the business for years and we've heard all your feedback. Because of this, we have established clear accounting practices using Quickbooks Pro Online - and professional accountants - so that our monthly accounting reports are always on time and clear to you. You also do not need a bank account - as we can keep track of your balances and expenses all within our own system - so that it's always easier for you.
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